HomeNurse Mobile App

The HomeNurse Mobile App is now available for Android and Apple devices.  Please review the privacy policy for the app before installing.


The HomeNurse App for Android is available on the Play Store – search for HomeNurse and install the app.

HomeNurse App on the Google Play Store


Apple will not allow us to place the HomeNurse App on the Apple App Store.

In order to install the HomeNurse App for Apple devices, please click on the following link from your Apple device:

Install the HomeNurse App for Apple Devices

Note: When you click on the link, the device will ask if you want to install the app – touch OK.  After that, the device will not appear to be doing anything – this is normal. Press the Home button and you should see the app icon downloading and installing on one of your home screens.


After you install the app, you will need to trust HomeNurse on your Apple device:

Profile (or Device Management)
HomeNurse, Inc.
Trust “HomeNurse, Inc.